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What Does "As Is" Mean?

If you're searching for a new home, you may come across a listing that says "as is." For some people, this is a red flag, and for others, it could mean you have found a diamond in the rough. So which is true?

When a home is listed "as is," it typically means that the seller is aware of some issue with the home and is unwilling to fix the issue for a buyer.

So whether or not this could be a deal breaker for you or seen as a great opportunity depends on the issue and whether you are willing and able to address it. The issues could be major, such as termite damage, or something minor that the seller just doesn't want to fix.

It’s absolutely worth considering any "as-is" homes you’d otherwise be interested in. You just need to understand that it’s a very broad term that could mean a home’s patio is cracked or that you’ll have to share it with thousands of cockroaches.

That’s why the most important rule when considering an "as-is" property is to have an inspection done. This is always good advice, of course, but it’s essential for these types of listings.

If you have more questions about "as-is" properties or want to get information on buying or selling a home, please send us a message or give us a call.

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