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Ready to Make an Offer? Follow These 5 Tips!

Buying a home is one of the most significant investments you will ever make, and using the right strategy can make or break the desired outcome. So be sure to include these five strategies when purchasing your next home... 1. The Poker Face:

When inspecting a property or visiting an open house, it’s super easy to voice your excitement and show visible enthusiasm for parts of the house. There's only one problem. You might think you're alone, but you may have forgotten something. With cell phones, smart speakers, and ring cameras being commonplace in most homes, there's a good chance a homeowner could be eavesdropping on your conversations. You lose your advantage when they know how you feel before arriving at the negotiation table. So keep a poker face and your comments to yourself while touring the home. 2. Inspect The Neighborhood:

Don't just inspect the Home. A home is more than just the bricks and mortar that make it up. When you buy a house, you're buying into a community. Take the time to explore the neighborhood, the major roads, and any available amenities. Observe traffic in and around the suburb at different times, especially when commuting to work. But the best reviewer of the area you want to live in is the people that already live there. Talk to your would-be neighbors to get a sense of the community and daily life. 3. Do a History Check On The Home:

Never skip the home inspection and pay special attention to big-ticket items like the AC unit, electrical wiring, appliances, roofing, foundation issues, etc. If they are towards the end of their life, the price of repair or replacement should be factored into your purchase price. A history check also includes running a CLUE report once. This report will show previous insurance claims, alerting you to past damage and even the possibility of higher insurance premiums. 4. HOA's:

People love or hate them, so before you sign any contract, find out if there is an HOA attached to the home and look through all the by-laws and fees so there aren't any surprises after closing. And last but definitely not least... 5. GO WITH A PROFESSIONAL:

Be sure to purchase with an agent. In most cases, it costs you nothing, and I will have ensured all the above is done for you and so much more. If you or someone you know is thinking of making a move, click the button or give me a shout. I'm here to protect your best interest every step of the way. If you or someone you know is considering a move -now or in the future - don't hesitate to call or email me anytime.

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