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CLIENT Testimonials

  Don’t Take My Word for It  

Dr. C. Halverson - Dallas, TX

"Awesome, Holly! You are a professional! Beautiful, comfortable in your role and dedicated to your clients. You are excellent in your field!!

Holly's level of expertise and depth of knowledge exceeded our expectations! She gave us her undivided attention, she had a high level of attention to detail, she was willing to explain everything and share her experiences. She is an open and honest person and she is kind.. She utilized digital tools to share houses with us, this reduced the time we needed to make appointments to view potential homes. Her work is efficient and she flipped contracts to sellers within hours. She is amazing. I rate her as excellent in her field. In less than 3 weeks I had closed and moved into a beautiful home. Awesome, Holly! You are a professional! Beautiful, comfortable in your role and dedicated to your clients. You are excellent in your field! I see why you have received recognition for your professional work!"

Miguel Morales - Farmers Branch, TX

"Going into a very competitive market as first time homebuyers we didn’t really go in with very high hopes. Holly was constantly working for us around the clock and always presented us with her best recommendations but also took into consideration what style my wife and I wanted. She was a complete and total professional and helped us along the way with our very emotional home buying process. Will only use MOXY for all future real estate needs. Thank you Holly!"

Chris Smith - CO

"Holly is a Rockstar in Dallas!

I sent family members her way and she handled them like they were her own family. I was getting updates that she was exceeding expectations and had them under contract and closed within less than 3 months of the referral. Holly is a true professional and I would recommend her services to anyone in the Dallas Area. Thank you Holly!"

James, Jenna Otis Jones - Dallas, TX

"Holly is a true expert! 

She's a great communicator and was in constant contact on a time sensitive move and kept us informed on market conditions. She's proactive and chased new leads. She's client motivated and put our needs / requirements above her own commission; she definitely made us feel supported and happy. Finally, Holly has endless energy and perseverance! She showed us 65 houses (at our request) over 6 days...and negotiated a sweet deal on our new home. So glad we me ya! Thanks for everything."

Craig Walter - Coppell, TX

"Holly did a wonderful job. I would not hesitate to use her again. She is very knowledgeable and level headed. She was prepared at our initial meeting with comparisons in our market. Holly did a great job negotiating the sell of our home. She held an open house and got rave feedback from prospective buyers."

Buyer - Arlington, TX

"Such an awesome experience! The buying process was flawless.
Hollys knowledge of market was exceptional. I was little nervous buying a home in the middle of an unstable market (during Covid-19) but Holly made the experience super simplistic and did all the heavy lifting. Thank you Holly!"

Buyer - Carrollton, TX

"I worked with Holly & her team at MOXY to purchase my new home. It was an amazing experience. Holly and her Team worked with me every step of the way, from showing me homes, to running the numbers right away and answering all of my questions. Buying a home can be extremely stressful & frustrating but MOXY made it easier & fun. I especially liked that they assist you with not just the purchase of your home but everything else you're going to need - home insurance, warranties, utility set ups, etc. Great service overall and a great choice!"

Joseph Lloyd - Irving, TX

"Holly Montilla! Yes, Holly Montilla!
Is your home up for sale? Are you looking to buy? Then Holly Montilla is the name you should know. Retain her and be confident that your real estate needs won't merely be met but will be surpassed. Then engage your activities toward managing the many, many other matters of your life. From the initial meeting in your living room to the closing with the agency, you will find a thorough and seamless management of your estate affairs. Know this while, at the same time, finding that you will be fully informed and consulted for your total satisfaction. Buying or selling a home is a major, life altering endeavor. and you want to trust and be fully confident that all of your interests will be cared for professionally, honestly, competently, and compassionately. I speak from my personal experience. I recommend, highly, for your personal satisfaction. Here is the name that you must know: Holly Montilla! Thank you, Holly! Sincerely, Joseph Lloyd"

Dr. C. Halverson -     Dallas, TX

"Beyond expectations!
We were on a short timeline to find a home, it was really an impossible dream, but Holly made it happen. I cannot thank her and her team enough! Her experience and desire to assist her clients as if you are her only one, made me feel so special. She has a vast group of resources that make the contract, inspections and purchase go very smoothly. I am back into university work which consumes my time. Had Holly not been there, we would not have bought this beautiful home in record time! She's a blessing."

Denise Rosado - MD

We were so fortunate to have Holly Montilla as our Realtor, she helped us find the right house in the right neighborhood for the right price. She was patient throughout the entire process as we looked for our dream home over several months and cautioned us about making unreasonable offers when we fell too quickly for overpriced homes. In short, she was always on our side working to make our house purchase as simple and successful as possible. The best part about working with Holly was that she was always more focused on answering our questions, giving us good advice, and finding homes that met our needs than she was on closing a deal. We would recommend her to anyone.”
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